Women's Birthdays & Milestones

March 3

Jean Harlow b. 1911-film actor

Jackie Joyner-Kersee b. 1962-track star & Olympic medalist

1913: Alice Paul & others organize suffrage demonstration of over 10,000

Quote for the Day

"I own my life. And only mine. And so I shall appreciate my person. And so I shall make proper use of myself."

~ Ruth Beebee Hill

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National Women's History Month, National Women's History Project: 707-838-6000
National Girl Scout Week: 2nd week
International Women's Day: March 8
Be Your Best Day, Girl Scouts: March 14
Women Investors Day, Woman Investors Committee: 703-978-2491, March 14

Reprinted from The WomanSource Catalog & Review's, "women's perpetual calendar"