Women's Birthdays & Milestones

May 13

Ellen Mussey b. 1850-co-founded Washington College of Law

Daphne DuMaurier b. 1907-British writer

Mary Wells b. 1943-rhythm & blues singer

Procession of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal

Garland Day, flowers for Sea Goddess, England

Quote for the Day

"If we even tolerate any oppression of gay and lesbian Americans, if we join those who would intrude upon the choices of our hearts, then who among us shall be free."

~ June Jordan

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Asian Heritage Month
National Feminist Bookstore Week: May 13-20
May Day, International Workers Day: May 1
Mother's Day: 2nd Sunday
World YWCA Day: last Wednesday

Reprinted from The WomanSource Catalog & Review's, "women's perpetual calendar"