Women's Birthdays & Milestones

October 16

Cassie Ward Mee b. 1848-labor organizer

Angela Lansbury b. 1925-actor, singer, producer

Mary Daly b. 1928-philosopher, lesbian-feminist theologian, writer

1917: Margaret Sanger opens 1st US birth control clinic

Quote for the Day

"Women have had the power of naming stolen from us. We have not been free to use our own power to name ourselves, the world, or God."

~ Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Gay and Lesbian History Month
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Time Off For Women Week, International Wages for Housework Campaign: October 24-30

National Coming Out Day: October 11

National Grandmothers' Day: 2nd Sunday

Take Back the Night: October 25

Turn Off Violence Day: October 27

Reprinted from The WomanSource Catalog & Review's, "women's perpetual calendar"